Digging for Hidden Gems!

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

And so here I stand at the starting line, slightly apprehensive but hugely excited to be embarking on the virtual trip of a lifetime. It’s taken me a while to get here. Working my way through the widgets and whatsits of my new WordPress world has caused a few unavoidable delays along the way but running shoes (and my signature high heels for good measure) at the ready and I’m off.

My mission is to share the globe’s hidden gems, partly because don’t we love that “Wow” feeling of having just unearthed somewhere that’s unexpectedly, deliciously, wonderfully somehow special – but also because I wholeheartedly hope to support and champion the people behind these places; often unsung heroes who pour blood, sweat and a bucketload of passion into pursuing and delivering to us their dream, whether that be literally on a plate or in the bijoux bolt-holes that they create for our leisure and our pleasure.

The hidden gems I bring to you are ones that have astounded, amazed, intrigued or caused joy in some small way to those who savour the experience. It may be a hotel or a villa; a restaurant or a bar; a view or a trail; a special service; a unique person; a breathtaking painting; a little known hamlet – in fact anywhere, anything or anyone who makes you go OOHH with that sense of discovery.

I am immensely proud that I am lucky enough to represent a smidgen of these secret jewels providing for them a voice in the clatter of today’s noisy brand dominated marketplace. For transparency, when I mention them I will of course declare a professional interest, though in some respects the fact I work with them speaks volumes – for each of my clients has been hand-picked because I have approached them in the firm belief that they are, in my opinion, absolutely fabulous.

As for the rest, they are really the best and I can’t wait to share their stories. Looking forward to digging to find those hidden gems and putting them on the map – where they truly deserve to be.


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