Chill Out In Ibiza

DDG sunsetcan pujolet cliffsImage

I put my hand up. I partied like it was 1999, a few years before it actually was 1999! And there was, and still is, nowhere better to party than Ibiza. Fast forward to a new century and complete with husband and two children in tow, I decided to revisit my old stomping ground.

This time around I was a Grown Up and without an itinerary that involved clubs and copious cocktails, I wasn’t sure quite what the White Island would have in store. Back home I burnt the midnight oil Googling “family things to do in Ibiza”. I didn’t find much to inspire. Slightly apprehensive, we boarded the plane with very few plans for the coming ten days – but I needn’t have worried. Ibiza has something for everyone. It’s just a well kept secret.

Apart from the volume of its signature music, still waters actually run deep in Ibiza. Away from the party scene, this beautiful island doesn’t shout out loud but it has a charm that is hugely addictive. I loved it back then – but I loved it even more this time around. And so did my family.

I’ll share more details of our trip next time around, but for anyone who loves a good sunset – and who doesn’t, especially in Ibiza – here’s a hidden gem. Head to the North West of the island. Keep going past the madness that is San Antonio and you’ll find yourself at Santa Agnes (Santa Ines to locals). Eventually if you keep your eyes peeled you should notice a white stone bearing the hand-painted sign Can Pujolet. Head up the track and 900 metres later you’ll come across Can Pujolet, a fine example of one of the island’s responsible tourism fincas.

We were lucky enough to have booked in for the night ( I’m not sure what the policy is if you’re not staying over). Our sole mission was to check out the sunset from one of the highest points of Ibiza. Everywhere else we’d been to enjoy the sun going down we’d found we were sharing the experience with every man and his dog and paying a premium price for the pleasure. But here it’s just you, the friends or family you choose to take with you, a 180 degree view of Ibiza, the sea crashing on the rocks far below you and the most amazing sunset imaginable.

You have to walk around 20 minutes to reach the viewing point and there’s no bar or food when you reach your destination. But that makes it all the more special.

A night at Can Pujolet watching the sun go down couldn’t be further away from Pacha or Space. Which, as a self-confessed party person who’s morphed into a Grown Up mum of two, has got to be a good thing.

Back soon with more on Ibiza.

Don’t Leave Home Without: Comfy flats (no-one will see you here anyway!) and a better camera than I took with me. Optional extra – a bottle of something chilled and lovely to toast the view.


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