Don’t leave Rome without seeing this

imgres-3Rome has more than its fair share of gems. We’d booked a whistle stop 3-night stay and we were practically running from place to place to make sure we didn’t miss any of the many delights of this iconic city.

We’d planned our visit with almost military precision and much of what we saw took our breath away. Just as we’d anticipated from all we’d ever read, seen or heard about this amazing place.

But what we weren’t expecting was this. A 10 second glimpse through a keyhole that rewarded us with a stunning view spanning 3 countries – Malta (the door belongs to the Knights of Malta) Italy in the middle ground and The Vatican* in the distance. The splendour of St Peter’s Basilica framed by the unmistakeable shape of the keyhole was a sight to behold. And of all the wonderful sights we enjoyed during our visit to Rome, this few minutes spent at this magic door on the Aventine Hill is the one that’s been our

Through the keyhole

Through the keyhole

abiding take home memory.

Truly a hidden gem and one not to miss if you’re ever in Rome.

(*Me to Son: ” What’s that building you can see in the distance?”
Son to me: “I know. It’s the Trafford Centre” Bless! đŸ™‚


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